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Photoluminescent therapy, also known as light therapy has been around for decades, has been used to treat many diseases, and has been unfairly  ignored by modern medicine. Light therapy is the unbelievable treatment that because it may seem too good to be true, too often people dismiss the treatment as a hoax. But it is true and its effectiveness has been proven by extensive research and many clinical studies. Although the medical establishment many times frowns at UV technology it is used every day in hospitals in the form of bilirubin lights to treat jaundiced babiesThis type of phototherapy works through a process of isomerization that changes the bilirubin into water-soluble isomers that can be passed without becoming  stuck in the liver. Blue light (450–495 nm frequency) is typically used because it is more effective at breaking down bilirubin.  This is an accepted treatment all over the world and there are many other examples of light therapy being used in hospitals throughout the world.


Another pioneer in the field of light therapy was Dr. Emmett Knott. In 1928 he developed the Knott Technique of Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation. His system used ultraviolet light  to irradiate a small amount of blood that was extracted from the body and which was then returned to the body intravenously. This technique was used to treat bacterial and viral infections as well as a range of non-healing wounds, inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders. Knott's machine received "grandfather" status from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Finsen UV Machine early 1900's.


Since the advent of antibiotics Western medicine has moved away from light therapy. Because in the U.S. the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA control the field of medicine the biggest advances in the area of development of UV light therapy have taken place in Europe, and more specifically in Russia and Germany. You can see the range of machines developed in those areas in our database.

Since the FDA's approval of the Knott machine the FDA has only granted two approvals to light therapy machines, the Therakos from Johnson & Johnson and the Medfaxx. The Therakos system is used to treat cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma or CTCL which is a type of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). UVA and a photosensitizing agent are used in this process. According to their website they are "actively engaged in basic research, have an expanding program of clinical trials, and are supporting innovative independent studies within the academic and medical community." Medfaxx is used for bactericidal management of dermatologic disorders with UVC light.

A newer company which has developed a revolutionary concept in Light therapy is Harris Medical Resources. The Harris UV Lamp is revolutionary in that it treats the blood sublingually using UVC light. Our company UVN America has acquired the rights to the Harris UV Lamp device, United States patent number U.S. 7,763,059 B2. Physicians throughout the world have used this device to treat HIV, Malaria and Hepatitis B & C. They have also been granted IRB approval for: A Prospective Clinical Evaluation of the Harris Medical UV Lamp for the Reduction of Chronic Hepatitis C Viral RNA Load: A Phase 2 Clinical Trial (T.A.B.S. Protocol No. 2012-007).

Hopefully this kind of treatment will be fully accepted by the medical community at large and will begin to be integrated into medical treatment protocols all over the world. This is just the beginning for light therapy in the medical technology world. Indeed the future is bright for light therapy.

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